Hello World!

This is my first blog. I’m Lin Jakary, children’s book author. I Lost My Sock, and Jakry Kids: Curiosity Shop are two of my published books. More are in the works. I have a wonderful editor. I thought she was great before, but now I’m even more impressed. Last Sunday she had a baby. I know, if you are reading this, you might be thinking, “Whoop de-do, I was born too.” (or maybe you had quintuplets, in which case I admire your courage, and I hope you get to appear on Ellen, and get free diapers for life.) Maybe some of you were even born at home to a soothing Mozart concerto. However, I bet you weren’t born on the front lawn of your home. Yes, my always prepared, ever-detailed editor, a perfectionist, right down to dashes and hyphens–rushed around looking for her flip-flops, trying to get out the door. With her husband in the car. engine revving, she got as far as the sidewalk, when it became apparent this baby wasn’t going to be born in the hospital, and there was no turning back. Babies have a way of arriving on their own time. Everyone stayed calm, and they improvised the best they could, off the concrete, onto the lawn.

Hello World

(never mind that they were also shooing away mosquitoes) In the end, mother, child and daddy were just fine. I love stories with twists and turns, where everything works out. So, congratulations little Maeve for making a grand entrance. I hope that some day you’ll think your mom is as brave and as cool as I do!

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