Trick or Treat

Halloween seems to be a blend of superstitious old Celtic and Roman traditions, and
I will leave the detailed explanation to Type “Halloween” in their search engine, for a highly informative read. In short, it’s that time to get dressed up with your kids, be a kid again yourself, and enjoy! My own childhood Halloween invokes memories of great fun, costumes and trick-or-treating. My mother encouraged our creativeness, and “doing-our-own-costume-thing.” When looking at the old family photos, I am still perplexed as to what I had been thinking most years. Halloween was one of my favorite holidays. It meant free candy, before we collectively became worried about tooth decay, sugar hyperactivity, diabetes, child abductors and razor blades. I am not minimizing the potential of negative influences and evil in the world, and advocate heads-up, and watching your children, keeping in mind that the world turns because most people are good, and want the same positive outcome for their life as you do. My beloved father kept the key to the workshop where our Halloween booty was kept and systematically doled out after dinner each night. While other friends went through their candy in a week or two, we managed to stretch our Smarties, and Tootsie Rolls, wax lips, and Squirrel Nut Zippers out ‘til the first crocuses of

Trick or Treat

Spring showed their lovely faces. I lived in a house once, where the former owner died on Halloween night, with a basket of apples in her lap. This is only relevant, if you are among those who were sorely disappointed upon receiving an apple. Was there a miscreant trickster who booed her, and caused her heart to jump? Or, was it just her time? The moral here: be good, have fun. Remember to say thank you! We need more civility in life. Kids follow our example. I am including in this blog, the Wocto poster of the Jakry Kids, trick-or-treating, and I wish all my readers a very Happy Halloween!

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